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To Our Wellness Center offering Services and Training

To Our Wellness Center offering Services and TrainingTo Our Wellness Center offering Services and TrainingTo Our Wellness Center offering Services and Training

Ashamenta Healing Arts Academy is here to help you on your Journey to an extraordinary life!  Enjoy pampering self-care with one of many services, including our healing spa therapies.  

Enrich your life at our Training Center.  Learn with our highly qualified teachers techniques for yourself and others.

Get started  at our Wellness Center Today!


To better serve the needs of our clients, we are beginning to take  appointments.  For in person sessions, we will only have one client and one practitioner in the building at a time. For more information, please contact our office at 208.353.0604.

We are also offering distance healings, clearings, and conSOULing.  

Session by phone or zoom. 

Thank you for your patience during this global time of healing.

Stay tuned as we will be offering healing and meditation videos soon!

We miss you and send you wellness!


Questions, please call 208.353.0604


We have several new offerings of Wellness

We are now offering a Reboot Ceremony with MeeshaKeena to help us realign our energy from this extreme time of change.

Also we are now offering a Breakthrough Series to help you navigate breaking patterns and finding your path of Joy!

About Us

Caring For Your Health

At our Wellness Center, we understand that you are not living your best life unless your mind and body are completely healthy. Our staff of Healers are trained in a variety of healing arts including Spa Sessions, Reiki, Prana Touch, Reflexology, Vibrational and Shamanic Healing. We will tailor each session to fit your personal needs to help bring you optimal healing and balance. 

We also know how important Self Care is, explore our training, classes and workshops we offer through our Academy and Training Center.

Natural Healing

At our Wellness Center, our goal is to provide alternative wellness modalities that can reverse and prevent dis-ease, using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine.  Our healing modalities are used as stand alone or hand in hand with western medicine. 

Our Promise to You

We care about your overall well being and will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. Let us help you achieve optimal wellness!


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What our clients are saying about our services

Giving the gift of healing.


Erin M. says:

MeeshaKeena is gifted and a trustworthy, effective healer.  She is very warm and inviting and truly passionate about the classes she teaches.   I have had nothing but great experiences, and she has helped me immensely in healing sessions. 

Craig L. says:

I highly recommend MeeshaKeena!  Her ability to relieve stress and address issues with in the body are without equal.  She is also one of the best teachers hands down (pun intended) for Reiki. 

Michelle J. Says:

I always feel refreshed and relaxed every time I leave. Every class I've taken whether it was taught by MeeshaKeena or any one of her knowledgeable colleagues has relaxed and expanded my mind.  MeeshaKeena is a wonderful healer and teacher. She enjoys helping you find what your soul needs. 

Chandra P. Says:

Meeshakeena is an amazing healer and beautiful soul. She is able to connect deeply with her clients and anticipate their needs. I always feel renewed after a visit with her, very therapeutic. 

Marcia B. Says:

For my first energy healing was amazing I didn't expect to leave filling at peace and relaxed the pain that I was going through was gone. I'm very thankful and grateful to have tried the healing from Reiki. 

Virginia C Says:

This is a place of healing, where you will be nurtured and heard, you will be helped and guided.  When you walk out of there not only do you feel better but you will have added a wonderful friend to your circle. 

Colleen F. Says:

Great healing energy - A wonderful place to feel better.